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Price List 
Examination, Treatment Plan, Scale and Polish
Exam (including intra-oral cancer screen) & X-rays€65
Examination & scale and polish€90
Exam, X-rays, Scale and Polish€100
Emergency Consultation€50
Child Exam (Up to age 16)€40
X-rays (Periapical - small x-rays)€20
Periodontal Treatment
Advanced Gum Treatment (per quadrant)€100
PRSI Qualified Treatments
The Treatment Benefit Scheme provides dental services to qualified people.
This is available to insured workers, self-employed and retired people who have the required number of PRSI contributions.
If you qualify, you are entitled to 1 free exam and contribution towards your scale and polish each year.
Call us to check your eligibility.
Preventative Treatments
Fissure Sealants€35 per tooth
Night GuardFrom €120
SportsguardIn your team colours!From €100
Essix RetainerFrom €120
White (Composite resin) From €110 - 140
Silver (Amalgam)From €110 - 140
Pinned FillingFrom €120 - 150
Deciduous Filling €80
Routine ExtractionFrom €120
Surgical ExtractionFrom €160
Deciduous ExtractionFrom €160
Aesthetic treatments  **
CrownDepending on toothFrom €750  
Post Core CrownDepending on toothFrom €850  
Root Canal Treatment  **
Emergency Root Canal Treatment€150
Root Canal Treatment Premolar€550
Root Canal Treatment Molar (referred to Specialist Dentist)
** Tax Deductible Treatments